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End of Life Services


Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. We understand that this process can be a difficult time for our clients, so we offer services to help make this transition a little bit easier. Paws Animal Hospital offers in-office euthanasia, at- home euthanasia, cremation, and grief counseling services. Call our team to learn more about your pet’s end of life transition options.


Euthanasia Services

Here at Paws Animal Hospital, we treat every pet as if they were part of our own family. We offer in-office euthanasia during which we give families the option to be in the room during the process if they would like to use that time to fully say goodbye to their beloved pet. We help prepare families by explaining the process of ending their pet’s suffering in a timely, comfortable, and respective manner. If you prefer we also offer at home euthanasia so that you can say your final goodbyes in the comfort of your own home.  Call our office if you have any specific inquiries about our euthanasia services.


Grief Counseling

After your pet has passed, we do offer some grief counseling to help pet owners get through this difficult time. Our team can provide you with helpful resources to help transition you through this mourning process.


Cremation Services

Paws Animal Hospital offers cremation services to help you memorialize your pet so that you can remember and cherish them forever. Our team will help you decide on an urn that best suits your pet. Please call our office to learn more about how you can customize your pet’s cremation.